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M1000 Semi-trailer, 80-ton, 40-wheel, heavy equipment transporter


M1000 Semi-trailer, 80-ton, 40-wheel, heavy equipment transporter   
Category Low Loader Trailers / Trailer    
Details 21 unused heavy equipment transporters 9HETS) M1000 Semi-trailer, 80-ton, 40-wheels.

Fully automatic sterring with no need for tractor modification.

5 axle lines: Oscillate for rough terrain, axle 2 - 5 automatically steer.

Axles rotate for access to inner tubes. A Tyre can be changed in 30 minutes by one person.

Self equalizing hydraulic suspension. Independent from side to side

Pivoting, hydraulic gooseneck, with compensation to prevent 5th wheel overload.

Two - line straight air brakes with spring - actuated park and emergency features

Hydraulics, control deck height, gooseneck, angle and axle jacking.

Spring assisted loading ramps, can be manually lowered or raised by one person.

Units are in stock and AVAILABLE NOW   
Category Low Loader Trailers / Trailer  Length  624”
Manufacturer SEI   Height  142.8”
Engine Diesel    Width  3.65 M
Gearbox    GVW  
Brakes    Hrs_Kms  Delivery miles only
Steering    Date into Service  
Tyres 215/75R 17.5   Year of Manufacture  1999
Max_Load 140,000 lbs   QTY  21 
Price: €42,500.00
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