Security Fence


Standard module

• 2 m (6.6 ft.) long, 2.5 m(8.2 ft.) high

• All metal parts steel SAE 1020

• Finish: galvanized and primer painted

• Weight of standard module ~ 70 to 80 kg(154 to 176 lb.)

FOST - Fiber Optic Sensor Transponder

• Input: 2 Fiber Optic Cables and 2 Dry Contacts

• Input voltage: 12-30VDC

• Current requirements:

- 4 mA quiescent

- 45 mA max, during alarm and activation of` relays and LED

• Output: 2 relays NO contact (500 mA @50 V)

• Data Communication: RS-422

• Enclosure: NEMA 12/13 240 x 155 X 100 mm (9.4 x 6.1 x 3.9 in.), 2.5 kg(5.5 lb.)

• Two zone fiber optic controller

• RS-422 communication channel

· Suitable for MAGBAR or for lNNO—FENCE system

• The FOST is an outdoor transponder for processing fiber optic signals

• This unit is used in systems such as INNO—FENCE or Magbar barrier for determination of alarms due to attenuation of the optical signals in the fiber optic cables utilized as sensors

• The fiber optic cables used in conjunction with the FOST transponder have the following haracteristics:- Structure: 100/ 140u with 250;.1buffer

- Bandwidth: 200 MHz km minimum for 850 nm wave length

- NA: 0.29 nominal

- Attenuation: 7.0 dB/ km max for wavelength 850 nm at +20°C (68°F)

- The FOST is designed to control ’two fiber optic cables and to transmit the data to a control center via RS-422 communication channel or by dry contacts

- The FOST is fitted in an outdoor weatherproof enclosure, provided with cover tamper switch

Conditions for Initiation of an Alarm

• Applied force of 40 kg (88 lb.)and above (for additional details see technical literature)

• and/or creation of a 220 mm (8.7 in.)(and above) gap between adjacent vertical bars


• 2 fiber optic cables

• 2 inputs of` end of line resistor

• 1 tamper cover switch


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